INTEGRITY: We commit to provide you a company based on honesty, integrity and ethical business standards and a marketing plan that does not allow game playing.

PRODUCT GUARANTEE: We commit to provide you with superior-quality and priced-at-fair-market-value products. We also adopt DLC’s Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Policy for you to gain the trust of your customers and to achieve total customer satisfaction.

COMPLETE TRAINING: We commit to provide you with professional training programs to help you achieve your dreams. It is composed of a wide array of professional training modules, literatures, brochures, CDs, DVDs, etc. Based on our annual plan, we will also provide with you necessary trainings, seminars, rallies and other activities.

INTERNATIONAL MARKET: We commit to open new international markets so that you will have a business with no boundaries.

SUSTAINABLE OPERATION: We commit to do whatever is necessary to become the best multi-level marketing company in the world. Many people say that there is no perfect MLM company and no perfect marketing plan. We do not agree. Any MLM company who knows it is not perfect or where the marketing plan is not perfect should take steps to remedy the situation. DLC knows that distributors are putting their hopes and dreams in us and we are committed to build for all of you a perfect company for your trust. We know we can and we must. DLC is setting out to create a new standard.