For any defective product sold by a distributor, a customer is entitled to return the product and get a full refund from the distributor within thirty (30) days subsequent to the date of purchase. The distributor shall solely be responsible for this process of product return and refund. The Company will allow the distributor to exchange this defective product with a new same product.

At the time the customer applies for a refund, the customer shall return to the distributor the defective product and the delivery receipt or sales invoice. The delivery receipt or sales invoice must have the address and telephone number of the customer and the date of transaction clearly recorded on the invoice.

The distributor may return to the Company the defective product regardless whether the product was partially consumed or not re-saleable to other customers. The Company will provide a new same product to the distributor. Product fully consumed will not be accepted for a return. Distributors should also refuse a customer such a return, as this is an unreasonable request.

Customers can also return an unopened product within thirty (30) days subsequent to the date of ordering of the product for a full refund. As soon as the distributor receives such request, he/she shall process accordingly.

In the event that a distributor refuse to accept the return of product and to refund the product price, the customer may directly contact the Company and forward the product delivery receipts to the Company within 30 days after the distributor refused to accept the product return. The Company will terminate a distributor who refuses to accept such product return from a customer.