Be Your Own Boss

Getting Started

An individual who is at least eighteen (18) years or older (may vary depending on the laws of every country) can join DLC. However, DLC reserves the right not to accept an application or reject/return an application after acceptance.

Distributor’s Responsoring

Any active distributor can responsor other distributors after six (6) months of inactivity. Distributors who requested termination or are terminated can also be responsored after they have been inactive for six (6) months subject to the approval of the Company.

Rules of Product Ordering

All registered distributors are authorized to purchase directly from the Company.
Products shall be paid for in cash or other modes set by DLC. All transactions shall be completed and consummated at the point of sale upon release of invoice.

Delivery System

Place your order, pay for your order, get confirmation

Turn Your Expenses to Income

Turn Your Expenses to Income (Tagalog)
Turn Your Expenses to Income (Bisaya)