The Suggested Retail Price (SRP) is the price at which a distributor sells a product to his/her customer. It is computed at 20% to 30% on top of the Distributor Price (DP). Distributor Price (DP) is the price at which a distributor buys from DLC. Payout Value (POV) will depend on the factory price DLC buys from the manufacturer. Due to DLC’s unchanging commitment to provide the best quality products, some catalogued products will have higher factory price. Because of this, the POV will be lower than the DP to enable us to payout the bonuses based on our marketing plan. Some catalogued products may only have very low to no retail profit.

DLC requires all distributors involved in our program to service ten (10) to twenty (20) customers every month. DLC distributors should know how to differentiate customers from distributors. Do not just sign up customers so that they can buy products at wholesale price. We expect every DLC distributor to be good in doing retail sales. This is why we require all distributors in all levels to maintain activity by doing a personal volume of 40 PV to be considered active and be able to receive overrides and/or other bonuses. We want all distributors to be strong in retailing. We are committed to sourcing and manufacturing for you above average to the best products priced according to their fair market value so that you can be accountable to your customers. We also support you with our DLC Product Satisfaction Guarantee.