Rules of Product Ordering

  1. All registered distributors are authorized to purchase directly from the Company.

  2. Products shall be paid for in cash or other modes set by DLC. All transactions shall be completed and consummated at the point of sale upon release of invoice.

  3. Distributors can order products by piece. There is no minimum or limit in the amount of the transaction.

  4. The Company will not temporarily store products for distributors. At the time of product pick-up, a distributor shall check and confirm the accuracy of the orders and invoices. In case there is any discrepancy, the Distributor shall immediately request the staff of the designated distribution center to re-issue correct documents.

  5. In case of discrepancy between the products ordered and products received, the Distributor shall provide the Company with relevant invoices and product orders to request compensation within three (3) days after the transaction.

  6. A distributor is encouraged to make additional orders under the condition that he/she has sold more than 70% of his/her initial product inventory.

  7. During special occasions, product orders (e.g., New Year gift-packs) in excessive quantity may be requested for approval from the Company.

  8. Distributors shall provide contact information and delivery receipt to customers upon sale.

  9. In case there is a defect or damage in the promotional item/s, the purchaser, by presenting relevant invoices, is entitled to replace the item/s with new one/s within three (3) days from the date of purchase. The purchaser is not allowed to return the item/s or trade the same with other DLC products.