A distributor is entitled to resign his/her distributorship by delivering to the Company a written notice within fourteen (14) days subsequent to the execution of the agreement. Any distributor withdrawing from the marketing system of the Company must wait for a one (1) year period to be qualified to apply for reparticipation into the Company, if all conditions for re-sponsoring are conformed.

The distributor, who resigns from the Company, shall within thirty (30) days apply for product return pursuant to relevant rules promulgated by the Company.

The following products cannot be returned:

  • – Products that have been opened
  • – Products that have been consumed
  • – Products that cannot be resold
  • – Product that DLC no longer carries
  • – Products that has new packaging
  • – Products that are within 6 months from expiry date
  • – Other non-DLC brand products

The Company will buy back the products purchased within the last 180 days in the amount equal to 90% of the original product prices paid by the distributor.

The Company shall give a refund to the resigning distributor when the Company receives and confirms the accuracy of the documents as mentioned above.

The application for product return shall be submitted and processed by the distributor in person to the designated area distribution center that originally supplied the products.

After completion of the above procedures, the Company will then delete from the company record the name or level of the distributor concerned. All downline distributors originally sponsored by him/her will