First of all, we would like to congratulate you in your desire to improve yourself and your lifestyle through our industry called Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and we hope this is the vehicle that will help you discover your dreams and your full potential.

Message from the Founder

There is only one solution. I wish there were another. We must write a marketing plan that also includes the 1/3 that is the profit of the owner of a MLM company into the plan. Only when we have this extra 30% can we have enough money to write a marketing plan where we can concentrate a huge portion of the bonuses to distributors who have one to three break-off legs.

Aim Higher

Let us ”Aim Higher” and always strive to do more than what is expected. Do not make the mistake of doing only the minimum requirement to get your bonuses when you work your DLC business. We will be very disappointed if leaders practice this and teach their organization the same.

The Spirit of Love

Let the foundation spirit be the spirit of “Love”.


INTEGRITY: We commit to provide you a company based on honesty, integrity and ethical business standards and a marketing plan that does not allow game playing.

And God said, “No” to a Multi-Level Marketer

I asked God to help me love my associates
as much as He loves me.
And God said,
“Ah, finally you understand Multi-Level-Marketing.”