Any 6%, 15%, 21%, 24% distributor (Pushed-up or Recognized Manager) and above who fails to purchase 40 PV from DLC-branded products for the qualifying cycle is not entitled to receive any Override Bonus generated from the sales volume created by other distributors or managers under the same sponsor group for that cycle or qualify for the Semi-Monthly Profit Sharing Bonus.

A Distributor who is required to do the personal sales requirement of 40 PV from DLC-branded products but fails to do so and was not able to qualify to receive the bonus for that cycle, shall be entitled to obtain the bonuses in the cycle that he/she meets the requirements. This privilege shall not have retroactive effect to previous bonuses.

When a first generation manager becomes inactive, any active manager under his/her network will be considered as the active first generation manager.

All 6% and above distributors will qualify to receive all the said bonuses if they can maintain the terms set in the Company’s International Sponsoring Policy in every territory or country where they do business. They do not need to maintain the 40 PV in other International markets to be considered active. They must be active in their Home Base and be at the same level in our marketing plan or Recognized Manager and above for the cycle to receive the Override or qualify for the Semi-Monthly Profit Sharing Manager Bonus.

All PV and sales volume will be calculated on a Semi-Monthly cycle basis (i.e., one cycle is from 1-15 and another cycle 16-end of the month).