Distributor’s Responsoring

Any active distributor can responsor other distributors after six (6) months of inactivity. Distributors who requested termination or are terminated can also be responsored after they have been inactive for six (6) months subject to the approval of the Company.

All downlines of an International Distributor can only be responsored after the downlines of the International Distributor have been inactive for three (3) years.

Definition of Inactivity

  • Products purchased from the Company within six (6) months is less than 100PV.
  • Not sponsoring any individual to participate into the DLC Sales Organization within six (6) months.
  • Not attending any Company-related meetings, including, but not limited to, OPP, trainings, seminars, conferences, home parties, and other activities in connection with DLC within six (6) months. Any photos, persons, documents, records or videotapes will be valid evidence to prove the Distributor’s participation in the activities.

Responsoring Procedure

Any distributor applying for responsorship shall execute the Responsoring Affidavit. Responsorship shall become effective after confirmation by the Company.

  1. Fill up a Responsoring Inquiry Form.
  2. If cleared for Responsoring, then fill up and submit a notarized Responsoring Affidavit Form together with a Distributor Application Form (DAF).
  3. After 3 working days, the responsored distributor can now start to sponsor downlines and purchase products.
  4. Any sponsoring or purchasing activities before the successful completion of responsoring, credited to the former upline, will cause failure of Responsoring.