DLC Pumpkin Seed Formula

DLC Pumpkin Seed Formula

Product Code: 11001-02161-01164

SRP: 2,820

PV: 46.56

PFDA: FR-4000000592730 FDA Certificate

Package: 800mg/tablet, 60 tablets/bottle

Contains: Water-soluble pumpkin seed, Soybean germ extract (including 2% isoflavones)

Description: This lipid-free, water soluble DLC Pumpkin Seed Formula is highly concentrated and is easily utilized by the body. Daily intake keeps you feeling young and active, supports bladder and prostate health, helps reduce occasional urinary urgency, incontinence episodes and frequency of midnight micturitions, promoting better sleep quality.

Special Feature: This special variety of water soluble pumpkin seeds grown in Austria and manufactured in Switzerland, has gained more than 30 countries production patent... partner it with non-GMO soybean germ extract... natural bladder support for aging men and women.

Suggested Intake: Take 2 tablets daily