Diamond Shine Tooth Brush (4pcs/set)

Diamond Shine Tooth Brush (4pcs/set)

PV: 12.88

Package: 4 pcs/box


• 3D Extreme Soft Bristle
The DuPont tipped filament patented fiber 3D bristle was manufactured using West German technology through a 7-step abrasion process to achieve the softness of the bristles. The toothbrush has been carefully researched to care for our enamel, and truly meet the professional dentist's recommended brushing method.

• Small-brush head
Tailor-made brush head is specially-designed to clean hard-to-reach areas in our mouths, keeps teeth healthy and clean.

• Specially-designed super thin brush neck
The thin-angled neck is especially designed to make brushing more comfortable. No need to open the mouth too wide.

• Transparent elastic and special non-skid thumb design
Even with improper force used during brushing, this tooth brush can reduce impact and cushion to protect our sensitive gums from being damaged.

Suggested usage:
To effectively prevent and improve gingivitis and sensitive teeth problems, use Diamond Shine Daily Tooth gel on the Diamond Shine Toothbrush using the proper brushing techniques.

*Dentist's recommendation: Brush after meals, each time at least 3-5 minutes. Change your toothbrush every 2 months.