Café Diamante Black - 18 sachet/box  (New)

Café Diamante Black - 18 sachet/box (New)

Product Code: 35133-00357-00234

PV: 9.36

Package: 2.2g/sachet, 18 sachets/box

Contains: Coffee Powder, Antrodia Cinnamomea


Our quest for the premium coffee sends us to the peak of Taiwan's highest mountains to acquire the country's most precious gem, Antrodia Cinnamomea, the National Treasure of Taiwan. Antrodia Cinnamomea is a mushroom exclusively available in Taiwan, also known as "Ruby in Mushroom". Part science, part art, our process carefully takes each coffee pack to its peak of flavor and aroma.

Preparation: Empty contents into a cup. Add approximately 150mL (5.3 fl. oz) of water and stir well.